Coming 12/2/2013 at midnight (PST) 500 limited edition Paul Rodriguez hand signed and numbered 8″ gold boards. These will be shipping world wide! $49.95

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  1. Patrik
    Patrik says:

    Hey guys, i was wondering how to get such a board? we have to order the board now or order at 2nd of december at midnight? Thanks allready – P rod you have a great mind man, respect

  2. shawna
    shawna says:

    hi paul, i want to get one of these for my husbands anniversary. at What time on dec.2nd will they be goin on sale?? midnite? and HOW do i order one.. i dont see anywhere on your website to make orders/purchase items. thanks…

  3. maria
    maria says:

    i wanted to get one of these as a Christmas gift for my boyfriend , cause he’s a true fan , where can i sign up to get one of these ??i live in texas , if you or your staff please send an email to me explaining the details on how to order , i would appreciate it a lot thanks (:

    • Kyle
      Kyle says:

      Staff, im in california and im going to try to get one of those boards, but are you going to tell us how to get one? or will you guys keep us posted?

      • staff
        staff says:

        If you visit the site at midnight (pacific time) on Dec 2 2013 you will easily see where to click to order the boards. Thanks!!

  4. jose poblano
    jose poblano says:

    Hi prod I swear I want to have one. Of your new decks, your the only skater who I look up too ND keeps me going to try new tricks
    but I want to know were do I sign up to. So that I can order. One. Of your new decks????
    and hood luck with your new project, I can’t wait. To see what’s new

  5. Cody Barr
    Cody Barr says:

    Im a huge fan of you prod. On 12/2/13 at midnight, where on you website will you be selling these amazing boards, and what information do I have to fill out?

  6. sally
    sally says:

    My son has cancer and for christmas has only asked for one of theses please can you advise how I can get one of the limited edition decks, I would like to make this christmas special as it is unlikely he will have many more christmases I just want to make this one extra special. Many Thanks

  7. The Blue Falcon
    The Blue Falcon says:

    Why don’t you all stop kissing ass and learn to read. It tells you when the product will be available and the cost as well.

  8. Brady
    Brady says:

    I am a true fan of u Prod it would be amazing if i got one of these awesome decks, you have been my favorite skater for awhile and i look up to u, your one of the reasons i keep skating.

  9. Brian
    Brian says:

    Just to confirm. Are the decks available at 12:00am tonight which will be Dec 2nd or 12:00am tomorrow night which will technically be Dec 3rd?

    • staff
      staff says:

      Shipping is through FedEx and will be calculated when you check out. Shipping varies depending on your address.

  10. Ismael
    Ismael says:

    I know it’s at midnight in pacific time but I live in Texas is I would like to what time will that be over here?

  11. Justin Beth
    Justin Beth says:

    Hey Paul or who ever reads these. I’m hoping for a response, But I know how busy you are but I wanted to tell Paul how much of an amazing person he is. I’ve looked up to him since I started skateboarding about 5 years ago. You have been a true inspiration through my years and I have had to over come a lot of hard things to get where I am today and I always have looked up to you. I easily watched your part in girl yeah right over a thousand times even though that’s a really old part. I’m now 15 and I ride for my local skate shop. You are the most inspiring person in the world and I hope you realize how great of a person you are out side of just skateboarding. A true genuine person. Thanks- Justin

  12. Javi
    Javi says:

    OMG ur my idiol ur my favorite like when i skate i pretend to act like u and when i saw u got out of berrics i was like wtf i got kinda mad -,- but oh well i lose too well i love u nh

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