My limited edition hand signed and numbered boards are now available!!. Purchase by clicking the image or click here.

UPDATE: All 500 sold out in 6 minutes. Thank you guys so much!!

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  1. Pete
    Pete says:

    Not cool at all!! I waited all week for this, and when I finally checkout 3 decks, get passed the payment section, it says” there has been a change during my checkout. All boards have been removed”!! And not to mention, this d**n site froze on me when I was giving my info! Very disappointed on how this turned out…

  2. Clarissa
    Clarissa says:

    I had three different forms of internet and still did not get to buy a board, I really wanted to get the greatest gift for someone special but it seemed almost impossible to buy one. It upsets me how others probably bought some but only just to sell and i actually wanted one to give to someone who i know will appreciate it.

  3. Ulises
    Ulises says:

    I had one deck in my cart and I tried to buy it but it says it was out if stock i was so mad Paul Rodriguez is my favorite skateborder hopefully you make more please

  4. Carlos Duarte
    Carlos Duarte says:

    I totally agree with everyone’s complaints above for the purchase of the gold deck. If the item was able to be added onto the cart and allowed to enter payment; those quantities should have been placed on hold! First come first serve! I too was robbed and cheated because of poor website managemnet!

    • Helen
      Helen says:

      Yep, I’m right there with a lot of people…
      Waited to get a board for my13 year old son who are the biggest fan!!
      I was so excited when I got one 12.01pm….. when I got to put my card number in, it said out of stock… sad!!!!!! This is all he has been talking about!!
      : (

  5. Mila
    Mila says:

    I have problems with the web too, but it took me all the way to the end with a message that my order was placed. But I didnt get any order confirmation and i tried again and another message: there has been a change during my check out. No idea if I get it or not until I see my credit card transactions. This is a gift for my nephew in Peru who save his money for this special gold deck.

  6. Rudy
    Rudy says:

    I’m pretty excited for this gold board. I’m going to skate the crap out of it! Na I’m playin’ son! This is going to be the first board that will be hung on my wall that hasn’t been abused.

  7. Lindsay
    Lindsay says:

    I had the same problem everyone else had… Super pissed. This was supposed to be a gift for someone special. Anyone buy one they wanna sell??

  8. Esmeralda
    Esmeralda says:

    Not cool man….I stayed up on a work night to try to get it as a gift for my husband and all the above happened to me 🙁 please make more or another one just as cool. Please!!!

  9. Dania
    Dania says:

    I waited till 3am holding my eyelids open to try to get my bf this board! Prod is his favorite skater since forever! I cannot believe it can just be take out of my cart like it’s nothing. Had two different devices trying to get one board. Had everything in and hit place order and nope error occurred and someone ripped it out of my hands. Terribly sad. Totally unfair for people that have been waiting for this. Just so you know you got lucky if you got a board! Cherish that!

  10. Cathy Gerow
    Cathy Gerow says:

    Hi there really disappointed when I tried to get 2 of the limited edition gold board and couldn’t get one as they were all sold out. I live on an Island in Northern Ontario and do not have high speed internet therefore it was very difficult to even be in the running to order one. I had a very sad boy this morning as he wanted to get one for his brother for xmas. Is there anyway that I could try and purchase 2 of them for my boys they love u and love to skate board.. The nearest skate boarding park is round trip over 50 miles away and I took them there almost everyday last summer so they could board. It would make their xmas if I could get 2 of thee boards. Thank you and thanks for being such a wonderful influence on my boys. Cathy

  11. F Fergel
    F Fergel says:

    My son waited up all night to get this board and had a similar experience.. He entered the order and it was not processed. Will you be reissuing another board? He is such a big fan and I would love to get him one for Christmas.

  12. Breeze Mellon
    Breeze Mellon says:

    I think I got a board . I got my order on at 12:01 and got an order confirmation email. Just waiting on a shipping confirmation then I’ll know for sure

  13. Brian
    Brian says:

    Hey guys! I love all of the work you do on the website and all of the giveaways that take place on here. However, this one could have been a lot better and I hope if you do it again you will try to improve it. Being on the east coast it was tough to have to be up at 3am on a Sunday night to try and score one of these. Then to have the order cancel during check out was crushing. You should have put a two deck per order limit on them. This would have given everyone more of a chance. The inventory should also not be able to be placed in your cart if there aren’t any available. Obviously there is a ton of demand for these. Hopefully nobody bought 50 of them just to resell on ebay. Hopefully you will make more of these available. Just do another 500 and start numbering them at 501. Thanks for listening. Hope I can get one next time. I’m tired and bummed.

    • Jess
      Jess says:

      I agree, you are lead to fill out the order info, the credit card info, expiration date, security code, then proceed to the shipping info and led to believe your purchase was complete. Then the darn red box comes up “No longer is stock” talk about a let down. I hope it was a secure site because I put all that info out there with nothing to show for it. I expected since the security code was requested it was a confirmed order. Dumb me I guess!

  14. NicoleB
    NicoleB says:

    Our son turned 14 on 12/1 and is a huge PRod fan! We managed to get the gold board for him (had to set my alarm for 1:45 am.) well worth it and this will be the best Christmas present ever! Thanks PRod for being a great role model ~ we love following your success!!!

  15. Sam
    Sam says:

    This really sucked as I had 2 in the cart and got to the end only to get an error! My 10 yr old will be disappointed!

  16. Josh Devine
    Josh Devine says:

    Im dissapointed it said at midnight on the 2 its not even midnight I just woke up and there gon I livemin louisville kentucky this was my only chance to get an atograpg because nobody comes her I have been sk8n for 11 years now and this reaaly let me down thanks prod for never shown up man you was my hero

    • jerry
      jerry says:

      The invoice number is on the receipt, but I havent gotten any emails from the website after I bought the board, have you gotten a tracking number yet?

  17. marius huhnke
    marius huhnke says:

    Im so disapointed of how this turned out. Im a huge prod fan and supporter. I was gonna buy a board. When i went online it took 4 minutes to even get on the site . When i did it cost $170 shipping to germany and $50 for the board.I can believe it actually cost 3 times as much. That is just a rippoff. I wanted to enter a friends adress from the us so the shipping only cost $11 but when i did they were already all sold out

  18. Helen
    Helen says:

    And everyone should only been able to by ONE… so kids that want’s them and not trying to resale them, they are the ones that get them…….

  19. kevin
    kevin says:

    Same here,had two in cart one for me and one for a gift to my little brother. Put in payment information when submitted it said there has been a change during checkout and now it’s out of stock. Too bad they can’t honor those of us who got that far

  20. Vinz
    Vinz says:

    The sale should have been one board by person… I truly believe it would have made more people happy… like me!! By the way, I got mine in the basket, it’s absolutely not normal that it wasn’t deduct from the stock at that point of the process… Even if Paul is gonna release decks like those, they won’t be hand-signed and numbered… This is priceless… And he knows that but nevertheless put it as a normal price. That was a good thing.

  21. Andrew
    Andrew says:

    Stayed up till 4am just to get this board and it payed off! i got it and im currently waiting for it to get here.

    • jerry
      jerry says:

      have you received an order number or tracking number yet? My order went through but I still haven’t gotten a tracking number yet

      • staff
        staff says:

        All boards are being prepared for shipping as we speak and will go out by Friday. You will get a automatic email with your tracking number once your shipping label is printed out.

  22. janey
    janey says:

    i thought to that it was happening december 2nd at midnight which is tonight here in australia, well so the convertor told me.
    so devastated that its been and gone, my 7 yr old would have loved this…huge prod fan. from the trouble everyone has had maybe it just wasn’t meant to be:( maybe a limit per person would have been good. $210 shipping to australia?? this is crazy!! stoked theres a lot of support for you PROD.

  23. Nellie
    Nellie says:

    This board was the only thing my son ask for Christmas and like the others I went through the whole check out to tell me there was a change, SOLD out when it was in my cart sucks! Stood up for nothing. And know to see people out there putting these on eBay for more than $500 to make a profit is disgusting.

  24. Rudy
    Rudy says:

    They should of been one per person. There was ppl who puchased 2-3 at a time and now are selling them for 300+ a piece. Wtf

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