Here is a quick list of my favorite pro’s and some of their most memorable video parts to me. This list is not in any specific order..

eric-kostonERIC KOSTON

If you ask me, in my opinion, for my generation, to my taste buds he’s the best to ever do it. Just look at his body of work if you look at his whole career, his consistency for 20 plus years he’s innovated and pushed the levels of skateboarding in my opinion like no else has done since even before his time. Obviously Gonz did all that, Rodney (Mullen) and allot of guys did things that pushed skateboarding but once Koston came around in my mind, for my generation Koston is beyond. He impacted like no one I’ve seen even today. Innovation wise, product wise, he’s just the man!

SUGGESTED VIDEO: His body of work is so amazing you have to watch it all. If you are a new guy and haven’t seen Koston’s work do your home work and watch it all. The first video part I ever saw of his when I started skating was “MOUSE”.


tom-pennyTOM PENNY

Tom to me was like a mythical figure. When I started skating he was not really around, no one really knew where he was. You just heard stories about him. You didn’t see any footage of him you just had what he had left behind. He always had the craziest stories about him doing tricks first try at certain spots that he had never been to or no one else had ever done anything on it. He was like the tooth fairy, you heard stories about him but you didn’t think he was real. To me his style was my favorite in skateboarding just the way moves, the way he did his tricks, it looked so lazy and so buttery.




andrew-reynoldsANDREW REYNOLDS

Andrew Reynolds to me is on that Koston level. If you ask me, nobody jumps huge stairs and gaps better then Reynolds. Nobody does it with better style, more grace, or more control. Him and Tom Penny are the kings of kick flips and front side flips. But Reynolds has taken kick flips and frontside flips even further. He’s another guy with amazing style. He is everything you could ever ask in the most pristine pro skateboarder. Him and Koston are just skateboarding’s golden children. They are the golden ones.

SUGGESTED VIDEO: I love them all but for me the one Im most attached to that launched him to super star status in skateboarding was “THE END”.


daewon-songDAEWON SONG

Daewon to me has the best board control I have ever seen anyone have. The things he can with his skateboard.. technical abilities , the balance he has while going a million miles a hour is incredible. I’ve never seen anything like it. He still kills it, he’s still ripping and he’s been doing it also for 20 plus years at the highest level. He is consistently getting better, constantly pushing and reaching for peak his ability.

 SUGGESTED VIDEO: My favorite video part of his would be “RODNEY vs. DAEWON ROUND ONE”. Not because I think that’s his best video part but because for me that was my golden era of growing up and skateboarding. That was the time I was the biggest skate rat I could possibly be. When that video was out and Round 2 I remember watching those video parts countlessly. I may have seen those parts a million times, literally.


marc-johnsonMARC JOHNSON

Marc early on always had me captivated. Marc Johnson is a boss! Incredible style, incredible technical capabilities, incredibly smooth, creative. I think he is one of the all time greats for sure.


SUGGESTED VIDEO: The part I would suggest to watch of his, again not because I think it’s the best one, but because it brings me back to being 12 years old, would be “SEVEN STEPS TO HEAVEN” – Maple Skateboards.


kenny-andersonKENNY ANDERSON

I love Kenny Anderson, Incredible style, incredible ability, incredibly nice guy. I think he is everything that a skateboarder should be. For me, whats crazy about Kenny is not even his video parts but I just see chunks of tricks in my mind right now when I think about the guy. He’s always one of those guys that you want to rewind and watch over and over again what he just did.

SUGGESTED VIDEO:  He had a part in a video I was in, “LOGIC 6”. That’s one I would really recommend to check out.


guy-marianoGUY MARIANO

Again, he’s up there in that Koston/Reynolds stratosphere. He is another guy kind of like Tom Penny when I started skating he wasn’t really in the public skate eye so much. You would hear stories about him doing tricks on other people’s boards, he wouldn’t even have a board, he would borrow someones board a do a incredible trick. Like how he had the switch front shove it crook down a 6 stair round rail in the credits for some reason. He’s just one of those guys that did legendary things that people who were there witnessed and you would just hear about. Then taking such a long hiatus and coming back from that better then ever. Fully Flared and Pretty Sweet he’s just stronger and better then ever, he’s still killing it. He is one of the most innovative skaters and most creative.

 SUGGESTED VIDEO: I would say the part of his to check out would be from “MOUSE”


josh-kalisJOSH KALIS

The style, the swag, his tre flips. If you ask me he has the best flat ground tre flips. He’s still killing it and ripping as well. He had that East Coast Philly vibe when I first came in the game, I know he spent allot of time in S.F. as well but that Love Park era, man! He made that place look so fun to me. He introduced the world to Stevie Williams.


SUGGESTED VIDEO: The video of his I loved watching the most would probably be “TRANSWORLD THE SIXTH SENSE”. I loved watching him skate Love Park and kill it there. Off the charts.

rodney-mullenRODNEY MULLEN

If you really wanna know Gonz and Rodney Mullen pretty much innovated damn near everything in street skateboarding. Rodney has always had the most mind boggling most difficult tricks on top of having invented 50, 60, who knows how many tricks. Just about every modern day flat ground trick that we are doing today he invented.


SUGGESTED VIDEO: “RODNEY vs DAEWON ROUND ONE”. I like Round 2 as well and his Plan B parts, he’s been skating for forever but when I came up it was about Rodney vs. Daewon Round 1.


ronnie-creagerRONNIE CREAGER

I love that dude man. That guy, again.. style, creativity, technical abilities, precision. I would always be captivated by his skateboarding every time I would see anything from him. It seemed so easy and graceful when you would see him skate.




Bonus: Actual there’s one more, 10 isn’t enough we have to have a bonus one..


lavar-mcbrideLAVAR McBRIDE

Lavar was another guy I was fascinated by. He was a real young kid doing the hardest tricks. Switch, regular, he’s really one of my biggest inspirations when it comes to skating switch. He was really one of the guys that really inspired me to want to take skating switch seriously. I would watch him skating for days and wouldn’t know which way he skated, I just thought he pushed mongo like I did. His style, killed hubba hide out,  and he was so young just serving the game.




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