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  1. Andres
    Andres says:

    for me personally Prod is the besta man, and i have not even known him, but he ii a great inspiration for me, i have learnd from him a lot, hard work, humility, be grateful with God and the people who has supported me….. i mean he is for me what bruce lee or ali is for him.

    i wish you the best of luck for you and your family, keep being the cool guy that you are and always has being.

  2. spencer perry ( sperry )
    spencer perry ( sperry ) says:

    love tge park p rod your the greatest skater ive ever seen and you’ll always be my hero thank you for setting a positive for skateboarders

    (336) 512 – 5442

    no homo but this is my number man i hope you see this comment and know its all sincerely the truth

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