Primitive Skateboarding has teamed up with Skatepark of Tampa to give you a chance to win one of free Gold Bar decks and a tee. To get all the info head over to Skatepark of Tampa’s site.

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  1. arbey
    arbey says:

    hey man love yur vids nd yur a huge inspiration to me man ive looked up to yu for so long i really look forward to seeing yu one day tbh with all the bad luck nd situations nd drama im mixed in skating is the only thing tht keeps me at ease .. i mean i dont have the money to buy skate boards so i try to make my own haha but until this yr i got my first board for my bd one thing ive always wanted was one of yur boards just to have it on the wall for good luck since i never had a dad so i had role models yu the main cuz of your beliefs nd just who yu are ill be lucky to even be a choice for the draw tbh idc if i get the board if even get a note or a sig from yu would be more then enough for me man take care nd stay on top paul

  2. Carson lackey
    Carson lackey says:

    Hey my name is carson and I’m a girl btw and my boyfriends birthday is coming up. He recently had to quit every sport he ever played because of a heart condition and he was pretty depressed for a while. But he has found a love for skating and you are his favorite. He even saved up his money and bought some p rods. Anyways his birthday is on November 10 and I was wanting to get him a deck and I was wondering if you would be willing to sign it? I could pay for postage or anything like that I just know having a signed deck from you would make his works thanks you if you read this -carson lackey

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